ISCA’s Top 5

Our Top 5 selection this week is curated by the two incredible women behind local indie superstar ISCA, natural wine shop and vegetarian deli in Levenshulme.

Caroline & Isobel set up ISCA in 2019

Led by Caroline Dubois – sommelier at Where The Light Gets In – and Isobel Jenkins of the critically acclaimed Seasons Eatings supper clubs, ISCA aim to celebrate and focus on the cycle of ingredients – a recipe for delicious deli treats and beautiful wines delivered in a way that is respectful of the planet.

ISCA’s Top 5 recommendations are all female led indies making waves in Manchester…

1. Agapanthus Interiors, Wellington Street, Stockport.

Zoe Rigby heads up Agapanthus Interiors

Agapanthus is a family run interiors business specialising in antique lighting headed up by Zoe Rigby. Zoe has a great eye, innovative design ideas and is always ahead of the curve.

It’s the most beautiful shop in Stockport. You’ll be mesmerised by the sparkles and rainbow reflections around the shop on a sunny day.

2. Melocoton Clothing, Levenshulme

Melocoton is a new clothing and textile business started by Chloe Frejaville, co-owner of Where The Light Gets In in Stockport. Chloe is a talented seamstress, using ethically sourced fabric creating textiles for your home and beautiful children’s clothing all hand down at her studio in Levenshulme.

3. The Creameries, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton.

The Creameries created by the talented trio Mary, Soo and Sophie.

The Creameries is a neighbourhood restaurant in Chorlton serving seasonal food and natural wines.One of our favourite places to indulge when we could. A relaxed atmosphere but with a backdrop of serious cooking and knowledge of provenance. Created by 3 very driven and different women Mary Ellen McTague, Soo Wilkinson and Sophie Yeoman.

4. Pollen, New Islington Marina

Croissant goals

Pollen never disappoints. Generous, delicious and technically perfect. Pop in for the best pastries in Manchester reminiscent of San Francisco. Co-owner Hannah works very hard in pursuit of perfection, never compromising.

5. Into The Gathering Dusk

ITGD Espresso Martini Kit, yes please.

Into The Gathering Dusk specialises in wild drinks. Emma’s use of natural, foraged ingredients to create cocktails and soft drinks is magical. Her knowledge of roots, berries, herbs etc inspires the drinks she makes from vermouths to natural remedies.

Isca offers food & natural wine to go or have in, their focus is on the cycle of ingredients, from growing to preserving, celebrating the process from seed to ingestion.

ISCA is open THURSDAY + FRIDAY 11AM-5PM & SATURDAY 10AM-5PM. Pop in for wine, coffee, provisions and organic food to takeaway only for the time being.

ISCA also deliver wine & provisions to your door to local Manchester & Stockport postcodes, check the website and socials for delivery information.


The Long Shot Exp. Top 5

Periphery by The Long Shot Exp. and Marc Provins, Marvin Mountain Cap in bone.

Big week in little Flixton. Not only has The Long Shot Exp. launched a fresh crop of caps but Mike, mighty milliner and founder of Long Shot, has put together a Top 5 of local independents for our web-based weekend exploration. Hold on to your, errr, hats…

1. Note Shop, Northern Quarter

First things first, skateboarding is not a sport. It is a wonderfully immersive way of life and the best people to guide you through this magical world are the ladies and gentlemen of your local skater owned skateshop. Note’s two shops in the Northern Quarter provide everything you need and more. During this past year it seems many kids have picked up a board for the first time and if I can give one piece of advice to parents it is take your children to the local skate shop, the staff may seem weird at first but they are fantastic and will open the doors to a positive cultural experience.

2. Bags of Flavor, Tib Street

Richie was one of the first people I got to know in Manchester over twenty years ago. He is a living subculture encyclopaedia and if you can get him talking you’ll discover gems of knowledge that the internet will never know. The shop is always chock full of treasure for your mind, body and soul.

3. Libero, Altrincham

DeliveRooney will bring beer to your door.

The premise is simple, somewhere to watch the football with nice beers and no knobheads. Ian, Paul and Danielle have achieved this small but elusive dream in an Altrincham courtyard. Given the current situations, founder Paul (Rooney) will bring beer to your door with his DeliveRooney service. The bar is small and friendly with room outside in the courtyard if, like me, you not a fan of the match.

4. Figurments

Figments produce small runs of high quality, unisex clothing. Made in the UK for the best part, influences come from Dutch Masters and Japanese woodblock prints as well as Rob and Gre’s backgrounds in skateboarding and tattooing.

5. Passion Fruit Coffee Roasters, Ayres Road, Old Trafford

Passion Fruit’s shop and roastery on Ayres Road, Old Trafford, is not only filled with incredible coffee but beautiful chocolate and various coffee related trinkets – I have no idea what they’re for but I want them nonetheless. I met Shen when I was looking for locally roasted coffee to package with Long Shot’s collaboration with Percy Dean Ceramics. She delivered the goods and anyone who copped a Long Shot Coffee Club set knows that’s the double truth Ruth!

Long Shot create meticulously designed and crafted headwear, made by hand, one at a time in Manchester. The first spring pieces have just dropped on their website.


Good Measure’s Top 5

When it comes to beards, Fred wins.

Good Measure is the culmination of years of conversations, usually starting in some pub or other, and leading to a jump into the world of limited run, high quality clothing production.

Founded by Carl & Fred in 2014, the brand is a small nod to the history of the North West as the centre of the cotton industry. Committed to production in the UK, manufacturing their own fabrics, garments and labels, GM stock is limited by what their local mill and factory can produce. Creating expert old-school sweatshirts with built-in exclusivity.

The boys at Good Measure know how to keep it local, hold tight for their Top 5 indie shops and spots for your weekender senses….

1. Electrik Bar, Chorlton

It’s widely known that we like a good beer or two at Good Measure so it’s also very handy that we find a selection of hostelries right on our doorstep. One of our favourites and early pioneers of suburban drinking is Electrik Bar in Chorlton.

Good beers, good food (their Sunday roasts are legendary) and most importantly owned by fellow independent trailblazers Luke and Justin. When things get back to normal and the pubs reopen be sure to show them your support, the hospitality business will need it more than ever.

2. The Long Shot Exp

If you want a bespoke handmade titfer then we recommend you look no further than our friend Mike at The Long Shot Exp. Each hat is individually hand made, using a selection of premium fabrics (including our own Good Measure off cuts) in a variety of excellent shapes.

Mike’s ethos is very similar to own and in his own words ‘Long Shot creates product that will last a lifetime and satisfy even the most discerning of heads.’ Support local, support The Long Shot Exp.

3. ISCA Wines, Levenshulme

Get it… whatever it is. The food, the drinks, the ambience so so good. If you were on a city break in Berlin or Copenhagen and stumbled upon ISCA it would be a highlight of your trip you’d be telling everyone about it. Luckily all you have to do is get on your bike or the 192.

4. Out of the Blue, Chorlton

Do one thing well is a favourite philosophy here at GM and these guys know fish and seafood. The queue is legendary, wrap up warm, like all good things it will be worth the wait.

5. Porchcrawler, Blunt Trauma.

Over the last few years Harvey has been developing his sound, drawing influences from darker electro & relentless warehouse techno.

On January 29th Porchcrawler released the EP Blunt Trauma, including the title named track which attempts to manifest the chaotic experience of a major brain injury he suffered in late 2019. Check out the EP for roaring bass, pounding kicks and stabby synths.

What GM don’t know about sweatshirts isn’t worth knowing. See for yourself with the new addition to the M-21 Crew Neck range, the Ecru Colourway.