Introducing Be Diddy

Founded in 2020, Be Diddy serve up a carefully curated selection of children’s clothes with a focus on vintage, well-made, sustainable items that are functional and stylish.

No surprise then to often find Be Diddy’s founder Kayleigh buried under a pile of mini Carhartt dungarees in her Manchester studio, Brothers & Sisters dig her out to find out how her passion for quality, sustainable clothes has quickly built a bonny Be Diddy following.

Be Diddy’s Kayleigh in the studio

Tell us what we’ll find in the Be Diddy online shop?

I sell children’s vintage clothing and accessories alongside some lovely little lifestyle products (most of which come from other small brands!)

What inspired you to set up Be Diddy?

When I had my little girl I thought I would be one of those mums that wanted all the new cute little outfits, but to be honest I have nooo idea why?! I’ve never shopped like that for myself and I’ve always been massively into vintage and second hand clothing, it’s a huge passion of mine. So I started shopping this way for her and was finding some really cool pieces.

Kids grow at such a rapid rate the amount of things you would get through if you were to buy them all new is totally unsustainable. I was also noticing the quality on some of the high street brands weren’t cutting it.

How did you get started?

I focused on pulling together a list of brands I knew were super hard wearing, would stand the test of time and could be used, re-used and passed on.

I’d recently left my job so didn’t have a load of money. I used what money I had on my first drop and hoped my passion for it would be enough to attract people.

What are your most popular items?

The Carhartt always flies out because it’s so so hard to get hold of. I love that I’m kind of known for stocking it now because it’s definitely one of my favourite brands. The little beanies are also super popular too, they come in a selection of lovely colours and are amazing quality.

What do you love about being an indie shop owner

I love the community built around Be Diddy. Everyone is so lovely and supportive – honestly the amount of support I’ve been shown just blows me away.

One of the main things I like is that people come to me now for advice on vintage or DM about second hand things they have bought – even if it’s not from me. Because it’s such a passion of mine it just doesn’t feel like work at all.

What you’ve learnt this year

Wow, literally everything. I’m a learn on the job kinda gal hahaha! There’s still a lot of learning to be done my end, and I never want to stop changing and evolving.

What advice would you give to someone setting up their own business?

I know people always say this, but honestly just do it! It’s a lot of hard work and it will never be perfect but if it’s something you absolutely love that will be enough.

Kayleigh is the founder of Be Diddy, new stock drops every other Friday, check socials and website for more info.

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