Introducing Poptart Posters

David Walker turns his music fandom into graphic poster prints we just can’t get enough of. As one of the most clicked shops on Brothers & Sisters, we couldn’t resist asking him – what’s the story…

Tell us about Poptart Posters…

I design and reinterpret prints for my favourite songs and albums. I love music and posters as art, something to cherish and keep forever so I thought – why not combine these and create my own versions of favourite albums and concerts.

When did you set up shop?

I’ve been dabbling for about three years but went full time in January 2020 (great timing!).

What’s your story?

Having worked in a Manchester record shop for years I felt like I needed to learn something new to stop brain rot. I’ve always been interested in design so graphic design seemed the obvious choice. At first I did them at home for fun but soon realised that other people liked them as much as we did and so, here we are…

What’s the best thing about being an independant maker?

The freedom, mostly. After many years of working for other people, not having the back to work blues on a Sunday night was revelatory. That and for the most part, only having to answer to myself.

What have you learnt this year?

Take a breath! Don’t get worked up at things completely out of my control, focus on what I CAN control and try to find the positives.

What advice would you give to others creatives thinking about setting up shop?

The perfect time to start doing your own thing doesn’t exist. Don’t wait until you think the time is right. Start now, refine what you do and learn as you go along.

What sells like hot cakes?

My current best sellers are the Bowie Concert Poster, the Intergalactic Poster and I Feel Love.

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